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About Literature / Student Amoenna26/Female/United States Group :icontampa-cosplay-center: Tampa-Cosplay-Center
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Pyre Reference by Amoenna Pyre Reference :iconamoenna:Amoenna 4 3 Relaxation by Amoenna Relaxation :iconamoenna:Amoenna 3 5 Sieg - The Staredown by Amoenna Sieg - The Staredown :iconamoenna:Amoenna 2 0
Kouichi's Nightmare
It was the same. It was always the same.
Why was it that he was always dragged back to this place? The same place where he was forcefully given the corrupted Spirit of Darkness? That was in the past! The Spirits of Darkness were purified and HE was gone forever!
Or was he really? Something, like a subconscious whisper, was guiding him back to this place every time he dreamed. All those times before when he had returned, nothing happened. But this time... this time was different. It scared him.
Something about the air had changed. The shadows, swirling back and purple were all that he could see now among the foggy light grey smoke that cloaked the entire ground. This smoke even created platforms that were situated around him. Even if he had turned around, excepting to see the fragmented pieces of the digital world that they were trying to save like every time he had returned to this hated place. Except this time he saw nothing but the same darkness as far as the eye could see. If he
:iconamoenna:Amoenna 6 0
A Million Years Later... by Amoenna A Million Years Later... :iconamoenna:Amoenna 1 1 The Time of The Doorways by Amoenna The Time of The Doorways :iconamoenna:Amoenna 0 3 Half a Second Later... by Amoenna Half a Second Later... :iconamoenna:Amoenna 0 0
The Skies The Limit Chapter 1 - Velocity
The sun shone brightly over the desert way down below it as clouds slowly drifted across the sky. This wasn't any ordinary desert though, since all across the desert were a large range of racetracks and roads that twisted and turned in every direction. Some of them were even carved into the side of mountains that were scattered out across the light brown landscape of the planet while others were dug straight through mountains, creating long winding tunnels.
This planet was built for speed and was a speed demon's perfect dream. The planet's name was Velocitron or the Speed Planet, home to the fastest Transformers in the galaxy, and one of the four resting places of the Cyber Planet Keys. Every dispute on Speed Planet was settled in a race and the winner would win the argument. One of the main races was the famous Planet Cup race, where others would challenge and go head-to-head with the current leader of Velocitron – Override – and her loyal second in command – Skyra
:iconamoenna:Amoenna 0 2
AoY Darkblade Profile
"The darkness cannot hide even the darkest of secrets. It is only a matter of time before they are revealed, and your true colors shine through."
Nicknames: Dark
Function: Ground/Air Assault
Secondary Function: Stealth Warrior
Alt mode: Kirin (Dragon-like)
Gender: Mech
Allegiance: Autobot
Dual Bladed Sword (x 2)
Dual Flame Breath (x 2)
Horn Spear
Armored Spine Shield
Plasma Rifle
Heat Infused Claws (x 20)
Heat Infused Fangs
Sonic Roar
Theme Song: ---
Voice Actor: Garry Chalk
Personality: Darkblade, at first glance, may seem a little intimidating due to his large size, but underneath the surface of the black and purple mech, he is anything but intimidating. In fact, he is a gentle and caring mech, yet can be fiercely protective of the ones he loves dearly, going out of his way to protect them even if it costs him his life. A wise and loyal warrior, he can be a bit stubborn at times, bu
:iconamoenna:Amoenna 2 2
Dark Signer Carly - Summon by Amoenna Dark Signer Carly - Summon :iconamoenna:Amoenna 5 3 Dark Signer Carly Cosplay by Amoenna Dark Signer Carly Cosplay :iconamoenna:Amoenna 4 4 Dark Signer Carly WIP by Amoenna Dark Signer Carly WIP :iconamoenna:Amoenna 2 0 -Fire Smoke- by Amoenna -Fire Smoke- :iconamoenna:Amoenna 2 0 -Ice Sculpture- by Amoenna -Ice Sculpture- :iconamoenna:Amoenna 1 2 -Waterfall- by Amoenna -Waterfall- :iconamoenna:Amoenna 1 2 Prime... by Amoenna Prime... :iconamoenna:Amoenna 4 6


Darkness Is What You Make Of It by aki-ta Darkness Is What You Make Of It :iconaki-ta:aki-ta 33 11 Unimon by AngelKiller666 Unimon :iconangelkiller666:AngelKiller666 15 36 Yugioh 2016 movie - blue eyes white dragon by slifertheskydragon Yugioh 2016 movie - blue eyes white dragon :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 658 44 An Endless Tale by Myaco An Endless Tale :iconmyaco:Myaco 151 22 Den-O guys -wip- by hisaru Den-O guys -wip- :iconhisaru:hisaru 30 49 DEN-O :: Chibi Urataros by zefiar DEN-O :: Chibi Urataros :iconzefiar:zefiar 288 14 Den-O :: IMAGIN by zefiar Den-O :: IMAGIN :iconzefiar:zefiar 564 36 DEN-O :: Urataros by zefiar DEN-O :: Urataros :iconzefiar:zefiar 430 20 DEN-O - Seig by zefiar DEN-O - Seig :iconzefiar:zefiar 184 6 Den-O by Hideyo Den-O :iconhideyo:Hideyo 70 5 slifer the sky dragon - speedpaint head by slifertheskydragon slifer the sky dragon - speedpaint head :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 577 31 Scorpion Tailed Hawk by TheDragonofDoom Scorpion Tailed Hawk :iconthedragonofdoom:TheDragonofDoom 110 10 whoops by aki-ta whoops :iconaki-ta:aki-ta 31 4 Karas - Commission by ShadowTheDragonWolf Karas - Commission :iconshadowthedragonwolf:ShadowTheDragonWolf 1 8



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Amoenna's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Literature
United States
[I should clean this mess of info up soon. I'll do it later when I don't have so many rabid plot bunnies chasing me down. *flees from the hoard of bunnies*]

Notes about me: I have a twin sister, NightshadeULF on here. She and I are both cosplayers. I also love to RP. Just note me if you are interested and see what fandoms that I do RP.


Current residence(s): DenLiner / Drive Pit / Palaven / Digital World / The Abyss (Darksiders) / DS Hideout, Satellite / Ravenclaw Tower, Hogwarts / Jungle Planet

Favourite cartoon/game character: Gou/Mach, Chase/Chaser, Heart, Specter, Sieg, Ryuutaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Garrus, Thane, Javik, Saren, Imperialdramon PM, Garurumon, Bastemon, Beelzemon, Duskmon, Kouji and Kouichi, Death, War, Fury, Seto and P.Seto, Atem, Mahad, Bakura, DS Carly, Crow, Kalin,

Mass Effect Fanficts

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 5, 2013, 7:24 PM
  • Listening to: Commander Shepard song
  • Reading: Mass Effect: Relevation
  • Watching: Mass Effect 2
  • Playing: Mass Effect 2
  • Eating: Subway
  • Drinking: Code Red

I've been playing Mass Effect too much for my own good, lol. So much so that I've actually created several characters for my own personal fanfics that I will probably not post up here. Dunno right now. I blame Ryssa-Aquicoine as well as a friend of mine, Alain, for getting me into Mass Effect some time last year. I've heard about Mass Effect a lot over the years, but never got it because I'm more of a PlayStation player than a XBOX player (though I have both 360 and Ps3). I first bought ME3 N7 collectors editions on 360 off of one of my castmates last year and played the multiplayer with Alain, who told me that because I haven't played the first two, I wouldn't understand the plot at all in single player (which I agreed on). Needless to say, I enjoyed the  multiplayer, even though I died a lot because I wasn't use to the controls. During the missions, he would instruct me where to go and what to do, which still usually lead me to die because a phantom would kill me while running to said destination, or I would get murdered by a cannibal while following Alain to a safe zone. Fun times, especially with hearing the Banshee and fleeing like a rabbit to safe destination, or running around the map trying to escape it. XD When ME Trilogy came out for Ps3, I had to pick it up (when I had the money, which was after Christmas) So I'm really late to the party.

My main OC is Valeria Arterius, younger sister of Saren. She's a biotic (Nemesis) Spectre and later Kabalim commander of her own Cabal unit that contains 5 turian biotics (3 males, 2 females.) Her best friend is Aurelia Eumenidros who is Ryssa-Aquicoine's turian (sniper/Spectre) character. Most of the time, however, when I create OCs, I stay away from having them be related to canon characters, but this is a rare occasion that I played around with several ideas before one idea actually worked out and was made sense. I wanted a biotic turian in the beginning anyways (since I always wanted to play a turian on multiplayer, but couldn't because I couldn't unlock them). I decided to play around with more ideas and created Saren, Desolas and Valeria's parents, Cassia and Galenus. Cass is half blind due to her being near a containment cell when it exploded on the battlefield in the past and Gale is a Shadowstalker, which is a side branch that I created for the Blackwatch. There is also my newest OC, Raik Taizen, a male krogan battlemaster that came out of no where one day during my National Government class in college a week ago.

Mass Effect Fanfics: (in the works)
* ME - Biotic Confrontation
ME - Cabal Unit Unleashed
ME - Conversation
* ME - Dark Passage
* ME - Double Date
ME - Kabalim Spectre
ME - Kracsha ( <- Name of a new rising merc group)
ME - Lockdown
ME - New Spectre
ME - New Threat
ME - Recalled Memories
ME - The Meeting - Innocence


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